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Laura Lemon

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School of Advertising & Public Relations
PhD Candidate
Graduate Teaching Associate

Laura Lemon has a strong research, teaching, and professional background in nonprofit public relations. Her research program focuses on public relations, internal communication and employee engagement, bridging the gap between theory and practice. Her qualitative dissertation examines employee engagement from the employees’ perspective to better understand how employees experience employee engagement. Employee engagement provides an opportunity to broaden the internal communication theoretical base and the strategy behind communication among internal audiences. She has a revised and resubmitted co-authored manuscript using a content analysis back under review in a public relations journal. A sole-authored manuscript that employed interviews and three co-authored manuscripts using methods such as focus groups, interviews, and surveys are also under initial review at academic journals. In addition, she has authored and co-authored multiple research papers at prominent conferences such as AEJMC, ICA and NCA. She has received three awards for research presentations: 2016 Top Paper for the Public Relations Division of the National Communication Association annual conference, 2015 Top Paper at the University of Tennessee’s annual research symposium and an Acorn Speaker Commendation for Best Presentation at the 2015 Corporate Communication International Conference.  

Lemon also distinguishes herself in the classroom. She has taught introductory and advanced public relations and speaking courses as an adjunct instructor at the University of Colorado, Denver. While attending UT, she has taught multiple sections of PR writing, the PR professional seminar, and introduction to PR. Her course evaluations reflect her commitment to student success. One student said, “I want you to know how much I enjoyed PR writing with you. It was by far one of the most beneficial and useful classes I have taken while at UT.” The UT College of Communication and Information recognized Lemon’s teaching strengths, honoring her with the 2015 Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award for excellence in teaching.

In addition to success in teaching and research, Lemon brings more than seven years of professional experience in nonprofit public relations. For example, as Director of Development, she was responsible for raising nearly $750,000 through fundraising initiatives. This practitioner background has helped build connections with professionals and organizations that benefit her research and students.

School of Advertising and Public Relations

M.A., Communication, University of Colorado Denver
B.A., Organizational Communication, Pepperdine University

Research Interests: 
Employee engagement
Internal communication
Public relations
Social media
Home Town: 
Colorado Springs, CO
Faculty Advisor: 
Michael J. Palenchar