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Dania Bilal

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School of Information Sciences

Dr. Dania Bilal’s research focuses on children’s cognitive and affective information behavior in using and interacting with information retrieval systems. Her research is situated at the intersection of information retrieval, information behavior, and human-computer interaction. Dr. Bilal has research experience with young and older children at both national and international levels. She conducted studies with children in schools, libraries, and computer lab settings.  Her research combines a mix of quantitative and qualitative methods. Her most recent research investigates the readability of Google SERPs for children. Her past research centers around performance evaluation of web search engines, children’s interaction with digital libraries in cross-cultural environments, children’s design of  search engine interfaces, and children’s design of science categories/taxonomies for web search engines. She is a reviewer for several scholarly journals and serves on the editorial board of ASLIB Journal of Information Management. Dr. Dania Bilal has been recognized in several media channels for her research with children.  She is one of the top 1% most cited researchers worldwide in children's information behavior and interaction with informaton retrieval systems. Her latest publications include two books in 2014, one is titled: Library Automation: Core Concepts and Practical Systems Analysis. Published in March 2014 by Libraries Unlimited/ABC-CLIO; one is titled: New Directions in Children's and Adolescents' Information Behavior Research. Emerald Group Publishing. She has also published a book chapter in 2014 and an article in IFLA 2015 Proceedings.

451 Communications Bldg.
Office Hours: 

Ph.D., Library and Information Studies, Florida State University
M.S.L.S., Library and Information Studies, Florida State University
B.S., Documentation, The Lebanese University

Research Interests: 
Youth informatics
Information behavior, child-computer interaction
Information retrieval, relevance, web search engines
Human-computer interaction, interface design and usability
iUser information discovery & information literacy
STEM data management and curation
Library automation
International Interests: 

Multicultural information behavior research; developing countries and information-poor societies.